Riyan optical’s offers a wide array of Supply Chain Management Solutions. From Pick-Pack-and-Ship Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment, Pick-Pack-and-Ship Direct-to-Retailer Fulfillment, Warehousing and more. Our Supply Chain Management Solutions enable you to gain a strategic advantage over your competitors, increase your operational effectiveness, and gain cost efficiencies.


Our Supply Chain Management solution will help you

  • Get your product to market faster
  • Give your customers rapid and efficient order fulfillment
  • Service your customers' orders with accuracy
  • Track and evaluate your fulfillment program
  • Make your budgets go further
  • Give you the peace of mind that comes with scalable resource management
  • Provide you with a simple turnkey solution that meets all your fulfillment needs
  • Provide you with a product that keeps ahead of industry, customer and market trends, and technological advancements